Controlled Sulphur and Phosphorus

Defendo QT Reabars are made from latest Technology, controlled chemical composition under supervised automated high speed plants which prevents hot spot during rolling

Higher Strength for Higher saving

Defendo QT Rebars have a much higher yields strength and tensile strength values. This property alone helps in reducing the overall steel consumption in any project by 18-20%

Better Bonding with the Concrete :

More Prominent External ribs and higher AR Value gives Our Rebars superior bonding strength between the bar and the concrete.

Higher Bendability

Defendo QT Rebars are rolled out under controlled Tempcore Process which helps in keeping the outer surface tough while the core is still soft giving the rebar a very good ductile and bendability advantage

Most optimized weldability

Most optimized weldability feature is exhibited in Defendo QT Rebars because of low carbon content and low carbon equivalent. No pre-heating is required in any of the welding process.

Most Optimized resistance to earth quake

Restriction of Phosphorus and Sulphur values which in turn helps in achieving Uniform elongation of more than 18% and super ductility nature of rebar makes DEFENDO QT Rebars to defend structures of high importance during any natural calamity.